This is GOWDA FASHION. Luxury Fitness Wear. Only for those who aspire to greatness and demand Luxury every step. 

This isn't a movement, it's the Future.

We all know that Fitness Wear is not just worn in the gym, the comfort and function it offers means you want to wear it all the time, but fitness wear is not dressed up enough to wear to the best places – until now.. GOWDA FASHION has created what we all need Luxury Fitness Wear – the fitness wear you can wear everywhere.

Our first product, the Slip Shirt, represents the first in Luxury Fitness Wear. Featuring water-wicking, fast-dry, wrinkle-free and ultra-tight capabilities the Slip Shirt is functionally indistinguishable from your favourite fitness wear, working in all the same ways. Plus with its unique styling and ultra-soft fabrics the Slip Shirt is the most luxurious shirt you’ll own, perfect for every occasion. And if that wasn’t enough the Slip Shirt (like all our products) is ethically manufactured, ensuring the best result for everybody. This is how fashion should be, this is the future.




Slip Shirt Concept

From our beginnings with v1.0 to our revolutionary v3.2, here's how the Slip Shirt became what it is.

slip shirt history


v1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 were all only available to exclusive product testers.

v2.1 as some of you may remember was initially crowdfunded, which gave us the customer base to update our design through v3.0 and 3.1.

You may be wondering why v3.2 isn't called v4.0, well that's because we don't progress to the next full number unless our shirt undergoes massive technological advances in the way it works. The v3.2 does however contain some massive advances on the 3.1: ultra-soft ultra-light feel, immediate water wicking, fast dry, and improved shape retention (improved wrinkle-free). Plus we've managed to create a fabric in the darkest black currently possible in sports knit, with the exception of vantablack. 

v4.0 is currently in the pipeline. It is positioned to feature improvements such as: cooling panels, order absorbent fabric and tighter sleeves.

Also in concept development is v5.0 with potential upgrades such as: absolute water resistance whilst still keeping the fabric breathable and electroluminescent fibre inserts.


We have worked to ensure our Slip Shirt is ethically manufactured, ensuring the best result for everybody. This is how all fashion should be.

We produce all our garments using internationally recognised ethical production standards. All of our products are produced in association with renowned Australian Ethical clothing manufacturer OCC Apparel. Continuous inspections are carried out on the manufacturing facility in China by the Globally Accredited Australian Qualspec Organisation.


Everybody Wins with ethical production:

The workers: Rather than not paying the workers fairly to cut costs we remove the middlemen instead, ensuring the workers are ethically paid and treated. Better results all round without screwing people over. 

Which leads onto you winning: Any successful business person will tell you that Happy and Positive workers always turn out the best results, meaning your shirt will be finished to a much much higher standard than a non-ethically manufactured one. Additionally cutting middlemen means we are also able to offer our products at the best price, making sure you get fair service too.

The best part about an ethical business is well and truly - Everyone Wins.