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This is GOWDA FASHION. Luxury Fitness Wear. Only for those who aspire to greatness and demand Luxury every step.

This isn't a movement, it's the Future.

We all know that Fitness Wear is not just worn in the gym, the comfort and function it offers means you want to wear it all the time, but fitness wear is not dressed up enough to wear to the best places – until now.. GOWDA FASHION has created what we all need – Luxury Fitness Wear – the fitness wear you can wear everywhere.


Slip on, Slip off. No problem.

Our first product, the Slip Shirt, represents the first in Luxury Fitness Wear. Featuring water-wicking, fast-dry, wrinkle-free and ultra-tight capabilities the Slip Shirt is functionally indistinguishable from your favourite fitness wear, working in all the same ways. Plus with its unique styling and ultra-soft fabrics the Slip Shirt is the most luxurious shirt you’ll own, perfect for every occasion. And if that wasn’t enough the Slip Shirt (like all our products) is ethically manufactured, ensuring the best result for everybody. This is how fashion should be, this is the future.

Luxury Stylings, Fitness Capability and Everybody Wins? No Question. You are wearing the best button-up ever made.


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