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Indulgent Gift Box đŸ«

Indulgent Gift Box đŸ«

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The Indulgent Gift Box, is the perfect gift for every Chocolate Lover. A large selection to suit all tastes!

Box includes:

  • 1x Large Pack Chocolate Biscuits
  • 2x Large Chocolate Packs
  • 1x Medium Chocolate Pack
  • 4x Full Size Chocolate Bars
  • Large Assortment of Fun Size Chocolate Bars

        Boxes will vary in choices of Selected Items. Items will be randomly selected from the following but not limited to:

        Chocolate Biscuits: Arnotts Tim Tams original, Arnotts Tim Tams white, Arnotts Tim Tams caramel, Arnotts Tim Tams dark, Arnotts Tim Tams double coat, Arnotts Tim Tams murray river salted caramel, Arnotts mint slice, cadbury choc centre, cadbury freddo chocolate biscuits, arnotts teevee snacks or similar.

        Large Chocolate Packs: M&Ms original, m&ms Coconut, m&ms Crispy, Lifesavers lemon and white choc jellies, maltesers original, maltesers Desserts Black Forest Gateau, or similar.

        Medium Chocolate Packs: glico pocky strawberry, glico pocky chocolate or similar.

        Chocolate Bars: Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Dream, Cadbury Dream Oreo, Cadbury Twirl, Cadbury Twirl Strawberry, Cadbury Caramilk, Cadbury Twirl Caramilk, Cadbury Flake, Mars bar, Mars bar honeycomb, Nestle mint aero, nestle Chokito, lindt lindor bar, Cadbury Boost, kitkat, kitkat milkybar, kitkat chunky, kitkat chunky milo, twix, Toblerone, or similar.

        Fun Size Chocolate: Cadbury Dairy Milk fun size, Cadbury Dream fun size, Cadbury Twirl fun size, Cadbury Caramilk fun size, Cadbury Flake fun size, Mars bar fun size, Cadbury Boost fun size, kitkat fun size, twix fun size, Toblerone fun size, or similar.

        We reserve the right to swap similar items of equal value in place of items listed, box will always be of the same value.

        We ship to all of Australia for a flat rate. We can ship to Sydney nsw, Melbourne Vic, Brisbane qld, Howard tas, Canberra act, Darwin nt, adelaide sa, Perth wa. And every single other location in between. We also ship internationally to all countries, particularly New Zealand, UK, USA.

        *All Products may include traces of nuts and gluten.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Very happy with my box đŸ„°

        I'm was very pleased when my box arrived this morning, a great selection was chosen for me. Thank-you to the team at hedgytime you are the best.